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Two humourous short pieces contributed by David Brin

"Gorilla, My Dreams"
"The Old Ones"

Editorials and Articles on the WWW

The 'Great Silence': The Controversy Concerning Extraterrestrial Life
Thinking Robots David Brin's Speech given at The Library & Information Technology Association.

Online Interviews

Interview by KUCI Radio, Irvine on November 13, 1995
Interview in Science Fiction Weekly
Interview by MetroActive Brin on Science Fiction, Society, and Kevin Costner
Interview by MetroActive Unmasked Society
Interview on The Transparent Society
Innerview by The NetWorker

WWW Sites exist for the following books:

Review of Earth by Catherine Lazaroff
Reviews of various books maintained by Colin Glassey

Other Sites

Delos 20: Guida a David Brin - in Italian.
David Brin site
David Brin info page
David Brin Biography

Information on "The Postman" movie by Kevin Costner

David Brin's Review of 'The Postman'
The Postman - Review
The Postman, "official site"
The Postman

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