Pliocene and Milieu Sagas

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Novels Year Awards & Comments
The Saga of the Pliocene Exiles
The Many-Colored Land 1981 Locus Award
The Golden Torc 1982  
The Non-Born King 1983  
The Adversary 1984  
A Pliocene Companion 1984 A character glossary, and much more. 
Intervention 1987 Published in paperback as 
Surveillance (1988) and 
Metaconcert (1989) 
The Milieu Trilogy
Jack the Bodiless 1992  
Diamond Mask 1994  
Magnificat 1996  
Black Trillium 1990 With Marion Zimmer Bradley & Andre Norton
Blood Trillium 1992  
Sky Trillium 1997  
Ramparts World
Perseus Spur 1998  
Orion Arm 1999  
Sagittarius Whorl 2001  
The Boreal Moon Tale
Conqueror's Moon 2003  
Ironcrown Moon 2005  
Sorcerer's Moon 2006  

Unfortunately, I do NOT know JM's plans for future Milieu Books.
I will post that information if/when I ever get it.

Other Sites

Further Stories to tell:

(These are my ideas, not JM's future plans - that I know of.)
  1. Kuhal & Cloud's life back in the Milieu (post-Pliocene & Milieu) Affects of 11,332 returning humans, Tanu, Firvulag and Hybrids on Milieu Unity, (most were bareneck humans) and effects of Torc technology on latent humanity.

  2. Agraynel's ascension to the throne (Pliocene Book 5) Aiken's rule and achievements, depicting new society and whereabouts of main characters. Disclosure of who Agraynel will marry - Morna-Ia was horrified.

  3. Fate of Elizabeth & Marc in Duat Galaxy (joining post-Pliocene and pre-Milieu) Origin of the Lylmik and Galactic Milieu culture. Marc's Transfiguration. Did Atoning Unifex die or simply move on - is there more to his story?

  4. Tanu & Firvulag exile from Duat from Brede's poem (Pliocene predecessors) and Time of Unrest: Peace Faction revolt and Tanu civil war.

  5. Fate of Dag or Thagdal - Nodonn's son. Does he ever learn his heritage and try to claim his title as King. Does he marry Agraynel?

I also have a page dedicated to the works of David Brin

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